How to choose colours for your Wedding cake!

Putting together for your wedding day is not an easy task. It takes considerable planning and efforts to make it a memorable day of your life. Right from your wedding attire to wedding cake, everything needs to be as special as the day is. A wedding cake with right colours should be in parity with the way you decide upon the theme and the other aspects of your wedding.

How to choose colours for your Wedding cake
How to choose colours for your Wedding cake

Here are the few tips that will help to choose the best colours for your wedding cake:

  • If you having a wedding theme

Apart from the destination and the season, if there are some more intricate detailing attached to your wedding, it needs to be taken into consideration to select an appropriate wedding cake matching your wedding theme.

While the dark colours suit best for a fall wedding theme, pastel colours are majorly used for the spring wedding theme. Decorations like a flower and the soothing shades of pink and yellow can be used as colours if spring is your idea of a perfect wedding theme.

The cake decorations should always be in the party of the d├ęcor of your wedding destination. Any clash will lead to an absolute mismatch. Vibrant colours as purple or blueberry can be used for the tropical destinations. Hence it is important that the colour of the cake must follow the theme.

  • The style you choose for your wedding

With ample venue options to choose from, the style of your venue largely influences the colour of your wedding cake. A rustic outdoor ceremony calls for the cakes with simpler colours and elegant designs. For the elegant event, the colours of white, gold, black or silver make sense for your wedding cake.

Yellow or green colour sync goes perfectly with the nature-inspired wedding theme. As these weddings are carried in the outdoors, these colours go perfectly with the theme. Red velvets are the best choice for an exhilarating wedding event.

  • Flavour you choose

The flavour that you choose also plays a decisive role in choosing the colour for your cake. If you look for a chocolate flavor like chocolate truffle or chocolate marble, then the icing and other decorations would also be in the same flavour. You cannot choose a pastel icing over a chocolate base.

Hence it is important to choose the flavour keeping in mind the colour you would require to match the theme.

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