How To Save Your Custom T-shirts From Getting Ruined

Custom T-shirts

Clothes are the signature of our personality. Fabrics, design, and fitting form the first impression among beholders. Therefore, we must choose clothes carefully and properly maintain them to keep them safe from damage.

Whether it’s regular fit or custom-made clothes, caring for them in the right manner is crucial to maintaining their perfect condition. We will provide some useful information and tips to keep custom t-shirts in top condition through the following sections.

How Custom t-shirts are different from Regular t-shirts or shirts?

Regular t-shirts are made in bulk with standard sizes, whereas Custom t-shirts are made by unique measurements of the particular individual. You can choose and order desired design for online printing. Flaunt your style with custom t-shirts.

Do’s and Don’ts for Washing Printed T-Shirts 


  • Turn the t-shirts inside out to save the print from abrasions
  • Apply a mild detergent and wash in cold water
  • Keep the temperature below 90 degrees F and wash with hands
  • Apply gentle cycle of washing machine
  • Wash custom t-shirts with clothes made of similar fabrics
  • Dry clothes by laying them flat or hanging
  • Keep custom online printed t-shirt between two pieces of cloth and use cold iron to preserve the design.


  • Avoid dry cleaning. Chemicals used in the dry cleaning can cause spotting or staining on online printed t-shirts
  • Chlorine bleach can discolour fabric threads and dyes, used in custom printing
  • Avoid fabric softener. It degrades the ink and led to fade or crack.

Quick Tips to Protect Custom T-shirts from Damage

Turn T-shirts Inside-out before putting them in the Washing Machine

Little tricks can save your t-shirt and prolong its life. Turn your t-shirt inside-out, it will avoid direct sunlight and provide protection. The trick is simple, effective, and easy. Besides custom t-shirts, you can use this with denim and other printed fabrics too. It will protect colours from fading and keep the original fresh colour hue.

Use Cold Water for Washing

Do not use warm or hot water for washing custom t-shirts. Instead, always use cold water; it provides the best results always. Bright colours of printed custom t-shirts can run and fade or shrink with hot water.

The heat of the water breaks down the fibres and damage fabrics such as polyester, nylon, and vinyl.

Therefore, do not experiment with your custom t-shirts and use cold water always to ensure a safe and long life for fabrics.

Keep fabric softeners and bleach at bay

Generally, people use bleach for tough stains from fabrics. But as we are talking about printed personalised t-shirts, we must mention here that bleach is not a good idea for printed clothes.

Bleach and fabric softeners can damage the colour and lead to premature fading. The agents of bleach are capable of altering the colours of threads and dyes. Avoid bleach to retain the original colour and fabric.

The fabric softener breaks down ink and causes fading of imprint. It means your custom t-shirts are better off without bleach and fabric softeners.

Avoid Direct Iron

As we have mentioned above, direct iron on printed t-shirts is not a good idea. If you really want to iron custom apparel, keep the temperature at the lowest possible and iron. We must also mention here that iron should not be prolonged. Keep it brief because heat for a long time can damage print and lead them to peel.

No Dryers for Custom T-Shirts

We have mentioned the bad effects of heat throughout the post. Similarly, heat through dryers is also not a good idea for your printed t-shirts. People use dryers to save time and labour, but they could peel off prints for online printed custom fabrics.

The heat from dryers can shrink t-shirts and damage their prints. It can develop cracks or peels. Therefore, use the traditional method of hanging clothes to save your t-shirts. While hanging, always turn them inside-out for best condition.

Wash Similar Fabrics Together

Custom-made T-shirts with prints should be washed alone or with similar clothes. Whites should be with whites, denim should be with denim, and so on.

Let’s Wrap

These tips and steps can prolong the life of your custom t-shirts and any other printed clothes. Refer to the passage and take care of your fabrics because they knit your personality.

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