Winter Styling made Easy

Winter is in its full bloom this season with chilly weather and cool winds… all you need to keep yourself warm is a cup of hot chocolate, with warm snug shrugs, a nice book of your choice and maybe a soothing playlist playing in the background. But finding that perfect shrug online is a task each one of us has gone through, and we know that it’s not easy… hence we’ve curated this list of products that are sure to keep you not only warm and cozy but also help you stay chic during the winter season!

Winter Styling made Easy
Winter Styling made Easy

Shrugs: shrugs for women are one of the most versatile parts of winter wear wardrobe that one can own. For they do the dual purpose of being a jacket and working as an added layer as well as being as comfy and snug as a sweater while keeping you all warm without forgetting to make you look chic. They can not only be worn during the winter season but also during the summer season. The best time to layer a shrug on top of your outfits is during the transitional weather when the confusing weather persists and you don’t know what to wear to keep you warm yet not too warm…

Jackets: when we talk about winters, we hardly think about jackets, for sweaters and shrugs are the first things that come to our mind to keep ourselves warm. But this season, keep up with the trend of opting for jackets that have details on them. Embroidered jackets are a rage this year, with heavy intricate colour blocked patterns and motifs along with embellishments like that of tin mirrors,cowry shells, coins, tassels and much more. Jackets are a much cooler option to go by this winter season as they are chic and stylish and undoubtedly keep you warm.

Accessories: accessorizing is the key to nail the look right… whether you wanna keep the look minimal and chic or go for a boho bold look, accessories play a major role in making or breaking a look. All you need to do is strike a balance. You can opt for minimal earrings with a statement necklace or vice versa along with a chic handbag to complete your look. You can also go for a nice warm scarf or muffler as well as shades to keep the winter sun at bay but at the same time help you stay warm.

Footwear: winter is the best time to take out all your cozy boots and footwear! Pick out the trendy Uggs with embroidery or bold statement boots with patchwork to go with your winter outfits. You can also choose to go for oxfords in neutral shades to give your look another dimension and that added personality.

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