12 Tips to Get Fit on a Budget


What comes to your mind when I say you’re fit? It’s your healthy weight and maintained body mass. Right?

Still, there are many running behind excuses and ways to avoid getting healthy. But on the other hand, this is never the case. You need to stop giving excuses and show the results. How? Let me assist you!

Here are a few elements to be considered to become fit and healthy on your budget:

Fitness Budget

#1: Exercise by watching Youtube videos

You-tube is the best social networking application wherein you can exercise as per your interest. Try out dance videos, boxing videos, getting abs challenge videos, yoga asanas videos, pilates videos and such absolutely free.

#2: Use free fitness applications

FitOn, Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, Planet fitness, Fitbod are few of the free fitness applications that you can use for planning your daily routine. Customize your training program and be guided by trainers and training sessions through one click.

#3: Learn from food and health articles

Blogs, articles, journals, research papers give you a complete picture of how important it is to maintain your health. You can learn from such articles available on Google or any other social media platforms.

#4: Sign up for Yoga/Zumba classes

Zumba helps you to come in shape very quickly while yoga is time-consuming. But through yoga, you get strong postures which last for a longer time. Depending on your willingness, you choose your comfort and go with it. 

#5: Check out affordable meal plans

Plan your meal by consulting your closed ones who have in-depth knowledge about health and fitness. In this way, you can save tons of money paying nutritionists on your customised meal plans. Most importantly, never skip your meal.

#6: Get annual gym membership and discounts

January is the month where you get deals and coupons for availing the membership. If you’re a gym freak person, get your membership at the start of the year. This will help you plan your budget and invest in other health-related aspects.

#7: Buy a weight measuring scale

Buying a weight measuring scale is a must. This marks your daily improvements and helps to schedule your routine accordingly. Do not get a high priced weighing machine. An affordable one will be recommended. Plan your investments wisely.

#8: Look for second-hand equipment

Do not make heavy investments in buying equipment. The items that you might require to work- out at your home would be weights, yoga mats, Jump rope, Exercise ball, Abs roller. You can avail such equipment at an affordable price or if you wish to get more to this, Amazon is the answer.

#9: Go for cycling, swimming or running

The best one is to go outside and work. With zero investment you can get fit and healthy. All you need to do is make your mind and stick to your goal. Update your daily performance through digital or your personal diary. This would ease your daily routine and will make you habitual of it. 

#10: Work with your accountability partner

It is said that you should surround the people who share the same energy and vibe like yours. Find the tribe! Halfway the process is done. Collectively you can plan out the activities and the budget by helping each other. Say, you have the equipment and your partner has a meal plan you can work together and save both of your pockets.

#11: Make use of resistant bands or get a pull- up bar

These devices work best for being healthy. It costs you less price than the other equipment and is very fruitful to purchase. A resistant band goes around $30 and a pull- up bar goes around $20. Pull-up bars can also be used as a push-up bar and give you the same results.

#12: Earn while you exercise

There are a few apps that pay you while you exercise. So, why not earn while you work? Charity Miles, Dietbet, Fitstudio, GOOD coins, Pact, Healthy wage are few of them. You can work and get paid simultaneously after completion of their targets. Through this, you have two goals: Maintaining your health and earning lots of money at the same time!

Key thoughts:

These are a few of them where you can save your money. Ultimately, every other thing is in your hands. Not only physical health but your mental and spiritual well being is equally important. Focus on your mindset and build positivity around. 

It is said that “ Do good things and good things will happen to you.” Just like “What goes around, comes around.” This is absolutely the correct statement for all your considerations. Be motivated and try motivating everyone around. Your one step forward will bring thousands of feet to walk along with you. The choice is yours!

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Diksha Menghani

Diksha loves to write about the vast understanding of everything happening around her. She regularly contributes to F and B Recipes on Intuitive Energy Healing.

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