8 Tips to have the “Coolest” Summer Wedding

Shiny blue skies, beaming sun rays, summer weddings are absolute fun as you have got the chance to be all carefree instead of covering yourself in pile of clothes. But with this sweltering heat, the summer weddings turn out to be a total mess for many couples. Therefore considerate planning is required to have a dreamy summer wedding.

8 Tips to have the Coolest Summer Wedding
8 Tips to have the Coolest Summer Wedding

Here are 8 tips that will help you in beating the heat for this summer for the coolest summer wedding:

  1. The first tip is to have a wedding by the pool or lake or sea or by any other water body that could help in beating the summer heat on the wedding day. You can even arrange the special pool party for your guests and believe us they will totally fall in love with that.
  2. We all love day wedding when the beautiful sun rays make the photos look more fresh and bright. But for summers, it is suggested to plan the wedding post sunset. It is cooler at that time rather than a morning or afternoon.
  3. Ethnic dressing is one of the many things that you should avoid. Ethnic wear like heavy embroidered sarees and suits for women and formal suits for men looks wonderful but don’t go along with this heat. It is suggested to go with the casual wear and this dressing code is obviously more appreciated by the guests as well. You can mention this code at your wedding invitation as well.
  4. Again it’s related to clothing only. You probably have heard of how light colours are beneficial when it comes to beat the heat. So go for these light colours in your clothing and in your decor as well. They cast a direct influence on wedding mood. Go for something breezy with summer colours like yellow, pink, green etc. The best colours for summers include tropical and beachy shades.
  5. Another thing to keep in mind while planning the summer wedding is the wedding favours. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, make sure you have necessary arrangements of hats, sunscreen, parasols, and fans. Make the sitting arrangements in shady areas.
  6. In case the venue doesn’t have anything like that, make sure to make the temporary arrangements with setting up tents and umbrellas so that your guests can enjoy everything in shade rather than beaming in sun with sweat.
  7. If you are going with the wedding hall as your wedding venue, then make the necessary arrangements of fan, coolers and air conditioners.
  8. It’s your wedding and your guests have the best interest as even such heat can’t stop them to be part of your celebrations. The least you can do is to make the necessary arrangements like arranging the proper systems of outdoor mist cooling and other cooling systems as well that could help in keeping the temperature low on the sunny shiny day.
  9. Hydration- this is one of the key things that need to be taken care of. For a summer wedding make sure you have the proper arrangements of fluids that could help the guests in staying hydrated. The good thing is you have got a lot of options in the summer as well as ice tea, lemonades, or Indian drinks like jaljeeras and aam panna. They are total to be drooled over. You can even arrange for beautiful ice cream corners and can add a little desi flavor with “goal”   cart.

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