Adventure trip packing checklist: 5 items that must find a place in your backpack

Adventure-trip packing checklist

“If you want to know the truth of who you are, walk until not a person knows your name. Travel is the great leveler, the great teacher, bitter as medicine, crueler than mirror-glass. A long stretch of road will teach you more about yourself than a hundred years of quiet.”

– Patrick Rothfuss

There is nothing quite as invigorating or exciting as the prospect of travel. It challenges us to step out of our comfort zone and take the leap.

While adventure trips are exciting, packing for them is everything, but. You could be the most organized individual in the room, but you probably will find yourself in a similar place as the rest of us: standing in the middle of a mess the night before you head out. It’s okay; we have all been there.

Packing for adventure trips like backpacking is somewhat different. You have to minimize your belongings so as to make the journey easier and more enjoyable. Challenging, yes, but unmanageable? Absolutely not.

Are you confused about what to pack? Well, worry, not. Let us make your life easier.

The following is an adventure trip packing checklist discussing the five must-haves that must find their way into your backpack. We have devised the items into different categories to make the process easier for you.

Let us get started.

  • Clothing

Starting with the big stuff first, you need shirts and pants. Make sure to pack enough shirts and pants to last you the whole trip.

We are not telling you to pack everything in your closet but to pack enough clothes to last you the trip even if you are unable to wash them. We recommend packing four shirts and two pairs of pants or travel shorts for a week-long trip, whichever is your personal preference.

Moving to other essentials, do not forget to pack your underwear. Since underwear does not occupy much space, it is perfectly acceptable to pack five to six pairs. In case you cannot do the laundry, you will have a clean pair as a backup. Along with your undies, pack socks. Who doesn’t love socks? Pack multiple pairs; they do not take up much space anyway.

Now that the basics are sorted, let us move to the additional accessory items. It is always good to pack a swimsuit, a rain jacket, and a wrap with you wherever you go. Similarly, make sure to pack a warm jacket with you as well. Temperatures can change, so it is always a good idea to be prepared.

Coming down to the shoes, understand that comfort reigns supreme. Traveling involves a lot of physical exertion because you are walking and moving around all day. If your shoes are uncomfortable, you will find yourself in a lot of pain that will ruin your trip. We suggest playing it safe with a comfy pair of sneakers or boots that are both comfortable and durable.

  • Toiletries

Everyone needs a set of essential toiletries to survive. Be sure to pack a makeup and toiletry bag in which you can store your essentials. Do not make the mistake of packing them separately because bottles can spill and ruin your luggage.

Employ the use of a small packing cube or cleat toiletries bag to ensure that you save on packing space and minimize the risk of spillage.

Pick up travel size bottles of all your must-have items, including shampoo, liquid soap, toothpaste, and more to save on space and reduce the hassle.

  • Electronics

Electronics are essential when traveling, especially your phone, laptop, tablet, and camera (how else are you going to take those amazing photos?) Needless to say, you must pack your chargers as well as a backup charger in case your charger dies on you.

Sometimes it also helps to carry a spare charging cord with you as well. In case you cannot charge your device with a charger, you can charge it using your laptop or any USB charging port. Along with a backup charger, you must keep a backup battery on you as well. Be sure to pack your headphones and a universal converter too.

  • Documents

We do not think this should serve as a reminder but regardless, try not to forget to pack your passport if you are having an adventure in foreign territory.

You may be required to show your documents at any time, so it is best to keep them on hand at all times. Carry a copy of your identity card, visa, and itinerary as well as receipts for accommodation bookings. The best way to carry them would be in a fanny pack (yes, they are cool now).

Aside from your passport and other documents, always keep cash in handy along with travel-friendly credit and debit cards.

  • Miscellaneous

Now that the main bulk of things is sorted, let us get down to the nitty-gritty, i.e., the extra miscellaneous items that you can carry with you.

First and foremost, keep a small notebook or diary and pen with you; you never know when you may need one to jot down important details. Pack an eye mask and some earplugs as well; they always come in handy during the commute.

Whether you are traveling via bus, train, or catching a flight, know that they will be noisy, and if you are looking to relax, these two things will help you stay sane.

We recommend keeping an empty water bottle in your bag as well, so you can fill it with water whenever you want. Travel can be tiring; therefore, it is essential to stay hydrated at all times.

To make your life easier, we recommend investing in packing cubes. Not only do they help your luggage stay more organized, but they also make it easier to pack and unpack.

You will not have to dismantle and take out everything from your bag and make a mess if you need one thing. Just pull out the one packing cube, unpack and pack and you are good to go.

  • Parting Thoughts

Adventure trips are all about going above and beyond your boundaries to experience things you have not experienced before. Backpacking is an experience on its own. There is something very liberating about traveling with minimal belongings. If you love adventure, we suggest you take the leap and head on your next adventure.

As for packing, one rule to live by is not to overdo it. Limit your belongings and stay stress-free. We promise you, your next trip will be the best one yet.

As Amelia Earhart aptly quoted, “Adventure is worthwhile in itself.”

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